A Good First Interview

We finally got our first interview!! On Sunday, Bao and I met with a spunky woman, Jo E. to hear her story. She adopted TJ (the larger dog on the left) when she lived in San Diego, and she adopted Sadie (the beagle on the right) at the Orange County Animal Shelter! We shot the interview on Bao’s iPhone since it has a better quality camera than mine. We used my phone to record audio next to Jo E, just in case the audio in the video was not great. I think we got a lot of good material during our interview, as she had a lot to say and was very well spoken!

After the interview, we got some cute walking shots of the dogs, and Bao and I got different angles using both of our phones. 

Tuesday in class, we showed the class some of our footage and explained where we are in the process. I got helpful feedback on how to begin editing down all of the shots we have. Matt also taught us the trick of filming in slow-mo to get smoother videos, so I will make sure to shoot the rest of the videos in slow-mo now!

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