Starting to Get It Together

Pictured above is one of my favorite pups at the shelter, Dancer. I shot this during Matt and my last visit to OCAS over the weekend. Matt took over 300 photos and I got over 60 videos highlighting the cats and dogs. After this visit, I feel much more solid with where we are at in the process of accumulating media for our videos. I also took the initiative to ask if we could interview a couple who were volunteering when we were there. We got their contact info and will hopefully interview them soon!

Also, I am feeling more confident now about our project organizational system because during last class we set up a google drive to share what we need to in an organized fashion. I created a specific google doc for communication. This is for the situations when only one or a some of us are communicating with our client so we can easily share what was said during the interaction and we can all be on the same page. This drive will also make it easier to share photos and videos with our client because there will only be one place she and our group will have to look. 

So far, we are on track with our schedule and hopefully we continue to find volunteers and ideally families who have adopted to interview in the weeks to come. 

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